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The MSc in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

Masters of Science program is a specialized master course. There is no bachelor course as a precursor. Admission is granted to applicants coming from various fields of study.

Specifically designed courses bring you up to speed in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. You will acquire the tools of the trade focusing on solving current biological problems. All classes are taught in English.

The curriculum at a glance

Curriculum Overview

The programme requires 60 ECTS credits from courses normally taken over 2 semesters, followed by a 6 months MSc research project and a written thesis (30 ECTS). Full time students can complete the programme in 3 semesters. Note that the program starts in the fall semester.

The first semester consits of courses specially designed to complement your existing knowledge: an introduction to programming and Linux (7ECTS) for people with a background in biology or life science, and an introduction to the fundamentals of biology and lab work (7 ECTS) for those with a background in computer science, mathematics, statistics or a related field.

1st semester (30 ECTS)

Courses first semester

Complemented by individual courses tailored to your needs (7 ECTS), students with a BSc in biology or life sciences will learn applied programming and the use of Linux from the experts (7 ECTS). Similarly, students with a non-biology scientific BSc will have hands-on experience in state-of-the-art biological methods and learn the essential aspects of biology (7 ECTS).

Both groups of students will then follow the same 16 ECTS in compulsory courses introducing statistical and computational approaches commonly used when analysing lareg biological data sets with a focus on data from large scale sequencing or systems biology projects.

2nd semester (30 ECTS)

Courses first semester

This semester focuses on the preparation, statistical analysis and interpretation of large scale biological data by applying and extending the tool aquired in the first semester.

3rd semester (30 ECTS)

Each student works on an individual research thesis in one of the research groups at either the University of Fribourg or teh University of Bern, thus specializing in a chosen area. The master thesis can also be carried out in collaboration with one of the affiliated institutes, e.g. the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB). Governmental and corporate institutions will also be considered as hosts.

Study plan & additional info on courses

The complete study plan containg short course descriptions and exam modalities can be found here.

Descriptions of the courses given in Fribourg are found in gestens.

Info on the courses given in Bern are found here.

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