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Admission and Registration

Students who wish to enroll in this programme must register centrally with the admissions office.

Online registration for this brand-new master programme is open. Students already enrolled at University of Fribourg or Bern can register until end of August at their respective institution at no charge. Students from other university pay an additional CHF 100.00 when registering after April 30. More information:

Frequently asked Questions

1) For which Bachelor degrees is this Master Programme considered a consecutive Master ensuring direct admission?

Biology, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Informatics, Computational Science, Physics

2) What about a bachelor degree from a university of applied sciences?

Graduates from other academic fields can also apply. Depending on their background they may be admitted under the condition that they make up for missing technical or general knowledge.

3) I am a working professional and am very interested in your courses. How can I participate?

Persons who are not registered as students can participate in our courses, but cannot take the exams. More information on registering as auditor (German: Hörer / Hörerin; French: Auditeur / Auditrice). In time we hope to be able to offer a certificate of advanced studies (CAS) in bioinformatics and computational biology to working professionals.

4) Are there any scholarships available?

Only very few scholarships are granted by the University of Fribourg or other sources. Importantly: these scholarships are not specific to any program and are not admistered by us. So please inquire directly with the funding sources.

However, please note that tutition is very low.

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