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Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

It took 13 years and 3 billion dollars to decipher the human genome. 15 years later, sequencing a whole genome takes but a few hours on a machine that fits on a tabletop and it costs just shy of 5000 dollars. Consequently, biological and medical sciences are now collecting enormous amounts of information. This tsunami of data generates new problems: it needs to be analysed properly to unearth and retrieve the exciting knowledge it contains. And, most importantly, it also has to be made available to the scientific community in a useful way.

Scientists with skills in biology and in computer technology are challenged to extract the relevant information out of this phenomenal sea of data. Information technologies are essential for a proper understanding of the regulatory modalities of cells, organisms and even entire ecosystems. Developing algorithms and sound statistical tools to grasp the folding of macromolecules are the first steps on our way to model the mechanisms behind the pure DNA sequence. Ultimately, we want to understand how organisms that are as complex as a human being work.

With our Master in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, jointly organized by the universities of Fribourg and Bern, we will trim you fit to meet these huge scientific challenges and opportunities.

Career Outlook

Our curriculum prepares you for a career in the life science industry, in health care, in governmental or NGO organizations, or in academia. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology have direct and highly sought applications in basic and applied research ranging from conservation biology and modelling molecular networks to epidemiology, biomedical engineering and drug design, artistic data visualization and developing human-computer interaction.

We wish to promote exchange and interaction with people from many different fields. Contacts established during the master thesis provide valuable networking opportunities that will widen your job prospects.

Next starting date: fall 2018!

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